Thank you Mom!

Thank you mom for being there, teaching me right from wrong, good from bad, being my first friend. I’ll always remember going to the grocery store with you, baking, reading and you givning me a lap on which to fall asleep.

Thank you for always indulging my need for a new matchbox car. Mattel and I thank you. I think you kept them in business by doing so. And when I turned 16 you always let me drive to the store on saturday afternoons. You were always so patient.

I will NEVER forget, your delicious french toast, cut in small squares, lightly fried in the pan and lovingly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Yum.

I also will never forget when I was in high school, I so wanted to go roller skating all the way to Baldwin Place and being so far, it didn’t make sense for you to return home, so you, agian, patiently waited in the car for me for 2 hours so I could have fun with my friends. Only later did I remember, that it was April 7th, your birthday. You were so unselfishly and untireingly giving to all of us.

I will always, always love and miss you. Until we are together again, please watch over me the same way you always have.

Your son, Adrian